Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimming is Fun

Swimming is fun. There we go.

Swimming is different from most other sports. While football players are muscular and very fat if linemen, swimmers are considered to be lean. When you're working out, we're swimming out. When you are sitting on the bench dripping sweat and starting to smell like utter crap, we aren't and we keep going like nothing happened.

You have to go use the restroom to take a piss. We stay in the pool and hope the chlorine kicks in fast enough. Less effort, more time for quality exercise. Male swimmers usually have no problem with anything like weight or BMI or height. Female swimmers have to rely on genetics for height, and dry land work for bone density. But that's all part of swimming.

Effort chain:
Swimming > Football > Basketball > Baseball > Sitting


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those Histrionic Teenager Shows

You know what I'm talking about right? Shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Let us take a look here, yes?

The show deals with Amy whose life is flipped upside-down because of a pregnancy. The father just happens to be the sexual conqueror named Ricky.

Now let's stop here. Why is this so bad? So far it's not. It's typical. There's that typical night of confusion and possible drunkenness with the guy who just happens to have slept with every girl in sight. The next morning, the girl wakes up and feels a bit funny. Next, she remembers that neither of them (or possibly the third person) used protection and now she's pregnant. Continue?

Amy falls in a relationship with Ben, the nerd. Ben is like...crazy for Amy and gets very clingy and eventually proposes.

Stop again. That is NOT typical. Not typical at all. It's too dramatic! Nobody proposes after a month of dating. I'm serious. So take this. Those teenager shows that claim to depict teenagers the way they are stretch the reality way too much. Don't believe, but it really is a good source for a solid laugh. That is why I watch them. Pure laughter.

Why I Hate Article Marketing

Article marketing is tedious. I tried article marketing and could only pull out a fluke of a sale. I know I'm probably exaggerating, but I hate article marketing. I still do it though.

It is a complete pain in the butt to write ten 250 word articles, a total of 2500 words, every day to submit to a certain article directory in order to attract that one $20 sale or those couple of sales. I mean sure, it works. But it takes a long long time in order to set the snowball effect in action. I would rather get a $10 constant stream of income starting today rather than have to put three hours of work nonstop in order to get $20 a day consistently a month later.

I see it as not worth it, but I still do it. Why? Have you seen those images of those huge earnings from Commission Junction or Clickbank? I want those! Article marketing works, but it's just a huge workload to manage. Even if I don't put out 2500 words a day, I am still putting out word counts. It could be 1000 words a day, translating to four 250 word articles, or as much as 4000 if I wanted to.

Work + Hate = Passion to continue. Don't ask.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Got a New Name!

We will now be going under the classic and most known name out there in the web,

Just kidding, but we'll be rolling shortly. As you know, this blog deals with everything from news to money to politics to simple straight life. New posts will be coming in so stay tuned!

Ahh It's Back!

As You Want It is now back online and functioning!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Dilley Sextuplets

On May 25th, 1993, Becki and Keith Dilley were made parents of children. Six children, in fact. The children were sextuplets. The couple met in a Wendy's restaurant in Indiana, where they both worked and ended up becoming friends. They married and decided to start a family. For a year, they mated like gorillas with no results of Becki conceiving. After this, Becki and Keith contacted a doctor and found out about a powerful fertility drug named Pergonal (made from menotropins, which are extracted from urine and used in fertility drugs). Reviews convinced the two that Pergonal would work, and so they tried. In the end, they received sextuplets. Their names are Brenna Rose, Julian Emerson, Quinn Everett, Claire Diane, Ian Michael and Adrian Reed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bombing in Sri Lanka Kills Seventeen

On November 28th 2007 (today), a bomb went off in Colombo, Sri Lanka that sparked fear that the Tamil Tigers, a Tamil nationalist group, could still hold the ability to deeply injure government territory even after the group has suffered waves of attacks in their northern holdings. The Tamil Tigers have waged a political war against the current government of Sri Lanka, demanding a separation from the current nation in order to create a separate state. Led by Velupillai Prabhakaran, this group has proceeded to assault the Sri Lankan government even after peace talk were held. In this most recent bombing, 17 people were killed in the department store. Other bombings that the Tamil Tigers have set into play have killed over 150 government personnel, injuring even more. For example, the Sri Lankan army general Fonseka faced an attempt at assassination by suicide bombing. The attempt failed, but 10 others were killed with 28 (including Fonseka) injured.